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Identity of Prospective Presidential Candidate : Professor Doctor Joseph Chikelue Obi

Statutory Profession : Fully Licensed EU (European Union) Medical Doctor — Lawfully Registered (as a Practising Medical Doctor) in the Mediterranean Part of Europe since the 12th Day of May 2010.

Current Medical Licensing (Regulatory) Status in the EU (European Union) : Unrestricted. Not Banned. Not Shamed. Not Disgraced. Not (Too) Naughty.

(Current) Special Area of Professional Clinical Interest : Holistically Monitoring (and Writing About) Coronaviruses (COVID-19 , SARS , MERS) , Coughs , Colds & Flu.

As at Today (the 11th of January 2021) : The Republic of Ireland has just made Public Health (and Healthcare) History ; by becoming the (EU) Country with the Highest Rate of (confirmed) COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Cases in the Whole Wide World (epidemiologically spanning over the past 7 days or so).

Of Course : (As Usual) The (“Highly Efficient”) Irish Coalition Government (of the Day) is (Voraciously) Blaming ‘Medical Staff Shortages’ (inter alia).

One Main Reason for the Severe Shortage of Qualified Medical Doctors in the Republic of Ireland , most especially within the Irish Healthcare System , is that (Systemic and Systematic) Institutional Racism (sadly) appears to have taken a very strong foothold ; at all identifiable levels of Irish Clinical Service , Irish Professional Training , Irish News Coverage , Irish Political Governance and Irish Medical Council Regulation (etc).

As things currently stand , (from an Irish Perspective) , there are (presently), VERY MANY HUNDREDS (AND HUNDREDS) of (EU-Licensed) Medical Doctors ,(like Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi), who are strongly associated with the Republic of Ireland ; but who (PROFESSIONALLY) do not wish to have anything (whatsoever) to do with such an Institutionally Racist (Irish) Medical Council Regulator , let alone work (themselves to an Early Death) for such an Institutionally Racist (Irish) Healthcare Service.

Presidential Slogan : A President for All of Ireland

Political Monicker : The Great Reformer

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According to Professor Obi , His (Rather) Simple Vision for a (Reformed) Presidency , (of a United Island of Ireland) , can be briefly summarised as follows (inter alia):

*An Unbiased President for All of Ireland.

*A (Reformed) President who is a Strong (and Unifying) Force for All of Ireland.

*A (Reformed) President who is a Great Irish Ambassador ; both at Home and Abroad.

*A (Reformed) President who is a Caring and Compassionate Advocate ; for All of Ireland (in general).

*A (Reformed) President in whom we can Confidently Rely Upon ; to Relentlessly Call an Erring (Irish) Government to Order.

*A (Reformed) President in whom we can Confidently Rely Upon ; to Formidably Uphold the Absolute Totality of the Hallowed Constitution of Ireland.

*A (Reformed) President who is (Jolly Good) Value for Money.


Contrary to General Medical Opinion — COVID (as per COVID-19) has actually been floating around the Globe for far much longer than many Clinical Scientists may actually wish to realise.

Since the latter part of 2019 , (when multiple similar cases had been initially reported outside China) , an International Group (of Alternative Medicine Professors) has been closely monitoring the Situation.

I have also recently published a Short eBook on the Topic ; which is currently available in the Google Play Books (App) Store.


Further Details will be released in due course.

Sincerely ,

Professor Doctor Joseph Chikelue Obi

COVID Response Chairman of the Public Health Group
(Council of Alternative Medicine Professors)

Role : Monitoring Coronaviruses (COVID-19 , SARS , MERS) , Cough , Colds & Flu.

Tenure : For the Complete Duration of the (Ongoing) COVID Pandemic.




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